Happy New Year!

It's been a really long time...it's been 5 months, I've stopped taking pictures.  I think the whole "culture shock" is gone, I'm adjusted, I'm missing da chi =) My mom has been staying with me for about 2 months, and she's leaving on Sunday.  Although, I'm going to miss just seeing her around and making me food...I'm glad to see her go..^^ just need some space.

Some pics from the month:
                                      My mom and aunt on the cable car at the resort. We were very very high.

                                            My sister's family... (cousin) I don't really get the Korean formalities when it comes to names.
                                   Pictures are not in order I just noticed.  This is my mom and my Christmas Eve dinner.  This was when meat was pretty okay...but meat is VERY expensive now.  They had to buy thousands of cows/pigs because of an infection.  They buried the animals.  The farmers were on the news crying, very depressed, saying they can hear the animals' cries underground...I feel so sad for them b/c now they have no way to make money...

                                          My aunt from Incheon made us Christmas Day lunch.  She is very cute.  She really enjoys cooking and designing.

                                          My second purse purchase...I like!
                                            Food we ate on our way to Moran Shijang.

                                         At Moran Shijang...it was freezing cold, but this guy REALLLY wants to make a sale.  The things people do to earn a living... "he works hard for da money"
                                Chinatown!! Still, can't beat San Fran!

okay, that's it!! 5 months down...7 more to go!!