Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!
It doesn't feel like Christmas here.  No snow, no Christmas songs....hardly any trees decorated or lights.  Don't have the usual Christmas service.... lots of family time.  Within a 4 month span, almost my whole family from the states has come to visit me.  I enjoy the time with my family~~ I think that I'd feel more lonely because they came, and soon my mom will be leaving soon...

My co-teacher and I bought couple "inside shoes." We were strongly recommended to buy "indoor shoes." Our Assistant Principal gave us the up down look and noticed us wearing our shoes indoors.  It's a nice investment! So comfortable not have to wear heels all day!

Do you recognize this person? It's supposed to be me...thanks photoshop...

Got my burrito fix in Hongdae..it was delicious!!

Dinner one night...all this cost me roughly $4...isn't that amazing???!!!

My birthday cake my coteacher bought me!! Yummy!!

I went to see another musical.  김종욱 찻기(Finding Kim Jong Ook) It was a very "chick flick" type of show.  Very sweet.  We got chocolate and beer as gifts.

When my sisters came to my school, the Assistant Principal made this Welcome poster for them.  It was very cute.

Such a surprise from my best friend.  I received a package from USA. I was soo excitede!!!

Goodbye family...spending Christmas apart...