Back to School

The school year has ended...as the year is ending, tensions and worries of teachers escalate...where will they be placed next year.  It's a feeling that I am well too aware and familiar with.  However, this time, I was worry-free. It's nice not have to worry for a change.  I can't believe how fast the semester past, and know that this semester will come and go just like that.  Although, 6th graders were  difficult at times, it surprised me how sad it was to see them leave.  As a class, they were sweet kids.  Hahah...the school is worried that the incoming 6th graders are beasts! (~.-)

Still....I'm going to miss them...

                                              I wanted to take a casual picture of them...they were very engrossed in the movie. They were watching Paranormal Activity 2. The teacher didn't know what type of movie it was...hahah...he was VERY surprised and regretted it.  Hahah...I LOVE scary movies and yet have not watched it yet.

This teacher actually stopped her lesson and told them to pose...it was kinda awkward....but nonetheless, got to see their smiling faces!!

                                          These kids were my favorite class. They were always very active and participated in all my activities.  They were able to speak English pretty well as a class. 

                                                  Flowers I got....

This picture was taken as we bowed for New Year's.  I got some $$$$.

                                           The family played a heated game of Yutnori.  Our team won 40,000won.  It was soo much fun. We played for about 2 hours.
                                        As you can see, our focus is on the sticks! Who's the most competitive?
                                             This woman right here.  Hahha..if anyone on her team got a low number, she would yell at them to do better and give them a hard time.  ^^
                                             Here's an example of one of those moments...
                                          This is the  man....my poor uncle who got it the most...."why can't you do better?"
I can't wait for the new school year to begin!!!