Fall is Here~

The weather has been up and down, but fall is DEF here! The trees are beautiful, and I busted out my green trench...which def stands out in the sea of black and gray.  Slowly and surely, I'm settling in.  I wore my big, purple ring (which I was hesitant about b/c of the school culture).  It was a BIG hit! I got lots of compliments from it, students and teachers...so, this week I painted my nails...GREEN! We'll see how that goes.  I've been pretty busy lately....but I like it.
Mondays = Yoga
Tuesdays = walking club
Wednesdays = study group, Yoga
Thursday = walking club
Fridays = Yoga
**Book Club once a month, and starting Latin Dance classes Saturdays with open practice sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays!!**

My school started with a brief meeting...not really sure what they were doing...but took a picture~~

Study session dinner prepared by the wonderful cook Yun Jong! I LOVE her plates!

Our materials for the study session, lots of tea, milk, honey, juice...and books and notebooks.

Went to a street market for some corn...

Saturday, went to eat and hang out.

We wemt to buy some more children's books and look at curriculum...ahh~~ felt like home

Met up with some friends to eat some yummy curry.  This is a level 2!! Pretty Spicy! There's 5 or 6 levels of spicy.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it...the spiciest level is called god...heard it does wonders for your colon =)

Afterwards we went to a lovely cafe: Stephanie's Cafe.  Everything is handmade, very cute!

Ended the night with a long....and I mean VERY LONG walk down the Han River...my feet hurt after the night...but a great one!



Korean Thanksgiving

The biggest holiday in Korea is Chuseok, otherwise known as Korean Thanksgiving.  I literally emptied out my savings account to give gifts to all my relatives. It was a nice break.  I had a whoooole week off to explore Korea and spend time with my relatives.  I wish I could've gone somewhere, but it was soo cold. 

This is a picture of my aunt and uncle teaching me how to make "songpyung," the traditional rice cake for Chuseok.  My first songpyung look like huuuuge eggrolls =) I got much better by the middle of the process.

My "obba" cousin and his wife and adorable baby!!

The feast that my aunt had prepared...very yummy!

My uncles and cousins chillin'!!

cute puppy taking a nap from all the Chuseok activities

My cousin took me to Outback...good food.  Oddly enough, I NEVER go to Outback back in Chicago...yet, I went to the one in Korea. I love how you don't have to tip.  They gave us each another bread roll as well as tea at the end, included of course with the meal.

I got some extra money for Chuseok....so, guess what I did???!!!

I went out with my coworkers, yummy food and great drinks!! We had pineapple, grape, and strawberry soju.  My new favorite cocktail is pineapple soju!

My first experience at a "noraebang." It was pretty fancy! It had a drum set, piano, dancing lights, stage...it was great!