First Days of School~

I am DEFINITELY less busy than last semester...maybe the kids are not testing me anymore...it could be the familiarity of it all...yet, I feel like teaching is more effective?! I don't bring work home with me!! BIG improvement, from lesson planning until midnight every night, neglecting a social life to lesson plan...

Counting down, it's been about 7 months...and time really flew by.  My first month, I thought dragged, but really, it's almost halfway over. I've taken less and less pictures, but still trying to make the most of my time.  I'm enjoying just the day to day.  It's still pretty cold here...even though it's the end of March.  They say that winter is jealous of spring, so it tries to stay as long as it can, one last cold before spring takes over... okay. I feel like it's just like Chicago, 6 months of Winter, 6 months of summer =)

With all the free time in the evenings, I'm working out more, studying Korean....able to relax and just enjoy life...when not worrying about what's going on with the family...

I'm cooking more! I almost cut my finger twice....but I'm proud that my knife handling skillz are vastly improving.  This is a typical dinner for me...

A present I bought for myself.  Greatest news about it, all of this goodness only cost me $50. LOVE getting gift certificates to the mall =)

 Something intestesting I found out is that all the 5th graders go to a "boot camp training" weekend.  They actually train like in the army.  It's supposed to instill in them discipline and self confidence.  I hope it really whips some of the whiners into shape.^^

 This is a meeting place, each gets a cushion...fit for like 100 people.

Zip lining...

Teacher cabins

Students need to go across...

Jumping down hoisted by a rope...kinda scary

We went at the end of March and it started SNOWING....like it was Christmas....didn't get it, but it was the LOOOONGEST car ride I've had in a while.  We were sooo hungry...didn't get to eat until 7:30.  It may not be late for some, but eating lunch at 12, and then at 7:30...that's a long time. ^^ We had duck! It was very tasty.

My second hair cut in Korea...my first time I've had bangs across my forehead in a long time.  I had to get used to it at first....We'll see how long it goes before I need to pin it up.  I'm told I look very Korean...is that a compliment? I AM Korean. But I can say with confidence that I am a Korea-American....more American than Korean.

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